Terms of Sale


This document regulates the terms and the General Conditions of Online Sale, establishing the pre-contractual and contractual information related to the long-distance contracts referred to in article 4 of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February, regarding the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM , of AURA - COMÉRCIO E DISTRIBUÍÇÃO DE VESTUÁRIO E ARTIGOS DE DESPORTIVOS, S.A., (hereinafter “AURA”), a commercial company headquartered at Praceta José Sebastião e Silva, lote 19, PIS, 2840-072 Seixal, and NIPC 504656805.

For any clarification related to the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM, present in the General Conditions of Online Sale, you can contact AURA's Customer Service through any of the following means:

Email: info@funboxbrand.com

Letter: Praceta José Sebastião e Silva, lote 19 PIS, Aldeia de Paio Pires, 2840-072 Seixal, Portugal

Phone: +351 212 138 500


These General Online Sales Conditions apply to WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM Users and Customers ... as well as any commercial transactions carried out through the AURA Online virtual store available on it.

Navigation on the WEBSITE, as well as the purchase of any Product in the AURA Online virtual store, implies the acceptance of these General Online Sales Conditions by the Customer, as well as the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM.

AURA reserves the right to change these General Online Sales Conditions without prior notice, with any changes posted on the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM.


AURA reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented on: products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented here is free of typographical errors and whenever these occur, AURA will proceed with the respective correction as soon as possible.

The photographs presented on the WEBSITE are for illustrative purposes only.

In the event that the information presented does not correspond to the actual characteristics of the Product, the Customer has the right to terminate the purchase and sale agreement under these General Online Sales Conditions and applicable legal terms.

All contractual information is written in Portuguese, as well as article information, email communications and formalization of the sale.


All products sold on WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM, are in compliance with Portuguese legislation.

AURA is not responsible for losses resulting from interference, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions or disconnections of the operating system that may temporarily impede access, navigation or the provision of services to Customers.

In no event may AURA and / or its representatives and workers be held responsible for any damages that may arise, even accidentally, from the malfunction of this WEBSITE, in any capacity and whatever the period for which such malfunction is prolonged, or for any damage caused by reproduction, use or exploitation that contravenes the provisions of these General Online Sales Conditions.

AURA declines any responsibility for any delay or impossibility of processing the order, namely in the act of delivery, due to error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the Customer.


The Customer undertakes to comply with and respect these General Online Sales Conditions, as well as all policies associated with it, namely:

Not to use false identities;

Providing personal data and the correct addresses so that AURA can properly process orders;

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data communicated to AURA and undertakes to immediately insert any changes to their AURA Registration Account on the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM.

AURA reserves the right to delete the User or Client account that does not materialize some of the situations listed above.


For the process of making purchases through WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM please consult the Terms and Conditions of WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM.
The validation of the purchase order implies that the Customer has taken note of and expressly accepts these General Online Sales Conditions, as well as the respective Terms and Conditions of the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM, available for consultation on the same. The data recorded by AURA are evidence of the set of transactions carried out between AURA and the Client. It is the responsibility of AURA to archive the electronic documents in which the sale of the Product is formalized and keep them accessible if the Client requires it.
As soon as you finish your purchase, you will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction. If the data is not correct, you can immediately request a change.
When purchasing products sold on WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM, AURA accepts the following payment methods:


Shipping costs are free on Orders Above 50€
Except for countries outside the European Union to which customs duties for each country will apply.


The Products catalog of WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM (virtual store AURA Online) is independent of physical stores, both in terms of price and quantities in stock. All promotional campaigns have limited and exclusive stock for Online marketing.
AURA only processes an order placed by a Customer after confirmation of the respective payment, so AURA cannot guarantee the availability of the items until the beginning of said processing.
AURA only dispatches on weekdays.
The normal delivery time for each Product must not exceed 5 (five) business days.
In the event of the unavailability of any ordered product, AURA will contact the customer if the delivery time or the price of the item changes and the order will only continue after the consent given by the same.
In case of absolute unavailability of stock of the ordered product, AURA may propose to the customer the supply of a product of equivalent quality and price, if any, and in this case, the order will only continue after the consent given by the customer.
In case of absolute unavailability of stock of the ordered product, and if it is not possible to propose to the Customer any product of equivalent quality and price or if the customer has not given his consent to change the order initially made, AURA will proceed to refund the amounts paid by Customer within 14 (fourteen) days after notification of cancellation.
Any delay in the shipment of items, given the estimated dates presented, does not entitle the Customer to any compensation.


The Customer may cancel his order at any time until the order is dispatched, however, he must bear the costs that AURA has suffered with the operation.
Upon receipt of the order by the Customer, the Customer may exercise his right of free resolution under the terms legally provided for and indicated below, namely, in Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February.
Failure to pay the order within 48 (forty-eight) hours after the date on which it was definitively made implies automatic cancellation of the same.
Under the terms of Decree-Law no. 7/2004, of 7 January (as amended by Decree-Law no. 62/2009, of 10 March and Law no. 46/2012, of August 29th), regarding electronic commerce, AURA reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order whenever there is a programming error that affects the formation of the Client's will, malfunction of the AURA or Client computers that affects the Client's declaration or if the message arrives deformed at its destination as a result of an error in the transmission of the message.
According to the applicable legislation, AURA allows the exchange or return (termination of the contract) of articles, within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt by the Client, without payment of compensation and without the need to indicate the reason.
The Client has the right to terminate the contract without incurring any costs within 14 (fourteen) days from the day following the day: (i) in which the Client or a third party appointed by him, other than the carrier, acquires possession of the asset or in the case (ii) in which the Client or a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, acquires physical possession of the last good when the consumer has ordered several goods in a single order and the goods are delivered separately.
In order to exercise its right of free withdrawal, the Client must communicate its decision to terminate the contract by means of an unambiguous statement addressed to one of the media present in these General 


For the resolution period to be respected, it is enough that the communication regarding the exercise of the free right of resolution is sent before the end of the resolution period.
In case of termination, the Customer will be refunded for all payments made, including any delivery costs, without undue delay and, in any case, at most 14 (fourteen) days after the day on which AURA receives the Products returned.
Refunds will be made using bank transfer, and the Customer must provide the IBAN for this purpose.
AURA now informs you that it will be able to withhold the refund until you have received the returned goods, or until the customer provides proof of shipment of the goods, whichever comes first.
The Client must return the goods without undue delay and no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which he informed AURA of the free termination of the contract, considering that the same is respected if the Client returns the goods before the expiry of this period of 14 (fourteen) days.
In the case of the return of goods that by their nature cannot normally be returned by mail, the Customer must bear the direct costs of that return, which are associated with the shipping costs.
If you wish to exchange items, the Customer can contact AURA Customer Support, who will provide you with all information about the exchange process. The Customer should not, under any circumstances, send the articles to AURA without having made a previous contact as they will not be received.
When returning and exchanging items, the Customer must respect the following conditions:
Return of items in good condition, with complete original packaging and accompanied by the respective receipt or original invoice;
The articles must contain the respective label.
After contacting Customer Support and being given the return instructions, you can send us the item properly packed, with original packaging to the following address: Praceta José Sebastião e Silva, lote 19 Parque Industrial do Seixal, 2840-072 Aldeia de Paio Pires.
All items will be checked upon arrival at our service and only those who respect the return conditions will be accepted for exchange or return.


Under the terms of Decree-Law No. 67/2003, of 8 April (with changes introduced by Decree-Law No. 84/2008), of 21 May, all Products sold on WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM are covered by a guarantee of conformity of the goods.
However, the warranty on Products such as clothing, fashion accessories and any other fast-wear goods will only prevail if the Product has not been used, is as delivered (including label) and does not conform.
For all purposes, according to the applicable legislation, the Product is in compliance if:
They are in accordance with the description that is made by the seller on his website and have the qualities of the good that the seller has presented to the consumer as a sample or model (even if samples or models shown only by photograph);
They are suitable for the specific use for which the consumer intended them and which the seller informed when he entered into the contract and which he accepted;
Are suitable for the uses normally given to goods of the same type;
Present the usual qualities and performance in goods of the same type and which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the good;
A lack of conformity, within the meaning of the applicable law, is not considered to exist if, at the time the contract is concluded, the consumer becomes aware of this lack of conformity or cannot reasonably ignore it or if it results from the materials provided by the consumer.
If the purchased product is defective in manufacturing or not in conformity, the Customer must report the situation to AURA, informing his order number and the description of the non-conformity. The costs of returning or collecting items within the warranty period will be borne by AURA.
Upon receipt of the item at AURA's premises, verification will be carried out and, in case of any lack of conformity, the item will be replaced. In this case, AURA will proceed with the replacement of the Product and send it again to the Customer's address without any additional cost.


All purchases made on the WEBSITE WWW.FUNBOXBRAND.COM are subject to Portuguese law. Any conflict or divergence in the interpretation of the General Conditions of Sale Online will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.
If the Client is outside of mainland Portugal, AURA now informs that any judicial process must be referred to the Portuguese Courts.