About us

Created and designed in Portugal, FUNBOX is an eco-lifestyle brand, reframing how we think about recycling and waste.

Our mission is to actively participate in reducing waste of our planet by turning recycled post-industrial and post-consumer waste into fashionable products. In FUNBOX waste finds a new life, geared towards the sustainable vision we have for the planet.

We avoid the usage of new fossil based materials or any other new planted sources, acting directly in a way that we believe is best for the planet, in keeping with the idea of the new conscious consumer.

Our focus on quality reduces the need for throwaway fashion. When you purchase one of our products, it’s built to last, with the best intentions in mind.

This is just the beginning of our journey, but by joining us, you too are committing to the same goals that we have. We believe that there can be a better planet and that this seismic change begins with each small step taken together.

Leaving a thoughtful footprint in the planet is a goal we now have consolidated into a concept